David Lynch cow This is David Lynch`s contribution

for the the New York Cowparade 2000 which was rejected...


In June 2000, about 500 fibre-glas cows were exhibitioned throughout

New York City. Lynch - beside other internationally acclaimed

artists as Nathan Oliviera, Roy De Forest, Manuel Neri and many more - was asked 

for a contribution. 

“I don’t think it will be a particularly friendly looking cow”, he announced, 

and indeed the reception was quite mixed:

NEW YORK (AP) - It seems David Lynch is too gruesome
even for New York.

The cow sculpture created by the director for a public
art show is being returned to California without going
on display, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Lynch, known for the eerie 1990s television drama
``Twin Peaks,'' chopped off his cow's head and stuck
forks and knives into its back. He also covered parts
of the cow with a reddish, blood-like substance.

``I thought it was Charles Manson,'' city Parks
Commissioner Henry J. Stern told the Times. ``I don't
know whether it's shock art or schlock art. David
Lynch should stick to his day job, making movies.''

CowParade NYC 2000 features several hundred fiberglass
cows decorated by artists and schoolchildren and
displayed on sidewalks around the city.

Lynch said he was disappointed to be excluded. ``Don't
you think when people tell you you're allowed to do
whatever you want as long as it's not sexually X-rated
that they should stand behind their word and show your
cow?'' Lynch said.

A cow by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,
was rejected before the cow parade began in June and
sued the city and organizers unsuccessfully.