David Lynch interviews

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# English  

David Lynch interview, Air France magazine May 2007

Justin Theroux interviews David Lynch, ID March 2007

Mike Figgis interviews Lynch, Sight & Sound, March 2007

David Lynch, Flaunt Magazine, 2003, David Lynch on TM

Brain Trust, Vogue 2003 Lynch on Transcendental Meditation

Naomi Watts interview, Interview, September 2002 

"Lynch´s Logic", "Bravo!" magazine, no. 6, may 2002 (From Brazil)

David Lynch interview "The Subversion of the Senses"  (from the same issue)        

(Thank you very much to Celso for the articles and the translation)

Watts / Harring interview, Total Film, February 2002

Angelo Badalamenti interview, Total Film, February 2002

Justin Theroux interview, The Guardian, Jan 4th 2002

Naomi Watts interview, The Sundaytimes, January 6th 2002

Lynch interview, Lübecker Nachrichten, 3.1. 2002  (my translation)

David Lynch interview, Empire November 2001

Naomi Watts, Interview-Magazine November 2001

Laura Harring, Venice Magazine 2001

Laura Harring, Watermark, November 2001

Laura Harring, NY Times, LesbianNation, November 2001

David Lynch interview, The Dallas Morning News, October 14 2001

Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring, Premiere, November 2001

David Lynch article, Business Week October 16, 2001

Lynch interview, LA Weekly, October 19 2001

David Lynch interview, Rocky Mountain News, October 26, 2001

Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring, Premiere, November 2001

Naomi Watts interview, The Seattle Times, October 14, 2001

Justin Theroux, Times-Dispatch, Oct 19, 2001

Billy Ray Cyrus, Premiere November 2001

David Lynch article, Denver Post , October 14, 2001

David Lynch article, Houston Chronicle, Oct. 13, 2001

Justin Theroux, Washington Times Oct 12th

Laura Elena Harring and Naomi Watts, Union-Tribune Publishing, October 10, 2001

David Lynch article, Union-Tribune Publishing, October 10, 2001

Naomi Watts, Los Angeles Times Oct 12th

 USA Today, June 20th 2001

International Herald Tribune May 19th/20th 2001

Variety October 16, 2000: Richard Farnsworth

Interview, Irish Times Nov` 99

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, January 2000 (my translation)

Sonic Seducer, 2 / 1999, Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch (my translation)

Der Spiegel, December 1999 (my translation)

Interview for Cleveland Scene 1999

Lynch-interview / BBC What`s on 1999

Interview, Total Film December`99

Cinemaxx Filmtips December 1999 (my translation)

Die Zeit, I have a dream, 1999 (my translation)

Lynch-interview, Berliner Zeitung; December 2nd 1999 (my translation)

Saarbrücker Zeitung   December 3rd 1999 (my translation)

New York Post 1999

Focus, November 1999 (my translation)

'The Lawnmower Man', interview Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1999 (my translation)

Guardian November 1999

The New York Times, October 10th 1999

Mower man film rolling, Iowa Gazette 1998

Jocelyn Montgomery enamors Hildegard von Bingen, CNN September 1998

David Lynch's Burning Passions, interview for Newsday, March 9th 1997 

Focus, Patricia Arquette Interview 1997 (my translation)

cinema  4 / 1997, Patricia Arquette article (my translation)

Télé K7 N°698 - January 20th 1997 (my translation)

Interview, Die Woche 1997 (my translation)

Lost Highway - The solution (Barry Gifford on 'Lost Highway'), Cinefantastique, April 1997

David Lynch, The visionary director refuses to provide pat answers for his films, Cinefantastique 1997

Mystery Man: Robert Blake makes your blood run cold, again. Cinefantastique  April 1997

'Erased' - on Jack Nance, Premiere 1997

Interview with "Mr. Eddy" Robert Loggia, Moviestar 1997 (my translation)

'Out to Lynch', interview for Toronto Sun, February 23rd 1997

form-Interview,  February 1997

On The real "Lost Highway Hotel", thanks a lot to the author, 1997

Jack Nance, Obituary by Frank Behnke, epd Film 4 / 1997 (m.t.)

First 'Peaks,' then Fenn in 'Mice and Men', Democrat and Chronicle October 29, 1992

On the Air, TV GUIDE, June 20, 1992

'Twin Peaks' mania sweeps Japan', New York Times, 1992

'Come home to the world of Twin Peaks', ??? 1992

Kyle MacLachlan interview, GQ, August 1992

The Fire Walkers of Twin Peaks, Fangoria 1992

More David Lynch (On the Air), TV Times, July 3 to July 10, 1992

'fenn fatale', Sherilyn Fenn, Sky Magazine July 1992

James Marshall, Sky Magazine July 1992

'cooperman', Kyle MacLachlan interview, Young Americans, 1991

'Out to Lynch', David Lynch interview, TIMEOUT, August 22-29 1990

'Peaking Viewing', Twin Peaks article, TIMEOUT, August 22-29 1990

'All dolled up', Sherilyn Fenn interview, Hair. Cut and Style, Spring 1991

'Teasing the Lynch-Mob', (about the marketing of Wild at Heart) Screen International, 1990

'Peaks Experience', David Lynch interview, Starweek 1990

'Suburban Spaceman', David Lynch interview, Arena 1990

'With Laura Palmer wrapped, Sheryl Lee plays a role...', 1990

'The sound of Twin Peaks', Angelo Badalamenti interview, 1990

'MOD-ern Peggy', Peggy Lipton interview, New Woman, December 1990

'Goodby Robocop Scum', Miguel Ferrer interview, TV GUIDE, June 27, 1992

'Welcome to Twin Peaks and Valleys', Twin Peaks article, New York Times, May 5, 1991

Coming down from the mountain, The TV Book, June 9-15, 1991

'You are now leaving Twin Peaks', David Lynch interview, Playboy February 1991

'The Thoughts of Agent Cooper" (MacLachlan interview), Empire 1991

The Face,  April 1991

Something really Wild, Movieline 1990

Starring David Lynch, The Gavin Report, May 11th, 1990

Star of David, Elle, July 1990

Ex-Dallasite is a regular in David Lynch movies, Dallas Morning News, 1990

His surreal paintings, like his films, are strange and seductive, The Dallas Morning News (spring 1990)

With Twin Peaks, filmmaker David Lynch brings his unique vision to television, TV GUIDE, April 7, 1990

Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round, Film Comment Nov-Dec 1990

'Twin Peaks' players are pretty normal folks, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 1990

THE WEIRD ACCORDING TO LYNCH, New Times, August 15-21, 1990

Unlaced and Weird on Top. At Cannes, David Lynch slices a poisoned American Pie. TIME, June 4, 1990

Turkey freak of 'Twin Peaks' , The Arizona Republic, Sunday, August 26, 1990

Lynch´s 'Wild' World. USA Today, Friday August 17, 1990

Welcome to Twin Peaks, The Face 1990, David Lynch interview

Cruise´s Peak, NME 1990, Julee Cruise interview

Are you ready for Twin Peaks, Radio Times 1990

Setting Lynch´s Muse to Music, Los Angeles Times 1990 Badalamenti Interview

Peeking at Peaks, Los Angeles Times 1990 on the Twin Peaks Gazette

The sheriff of television´s naughty hamlet, TV GUIDE, 1990, Michael Ontkean interview

Mood Awakening, TimeOut 1990 (Badalamenti and Julee Cruise interviewed)

Crazy Mama, Soap Opera Weekly 1990, Grace Zabriskie interview

Kyle MacLachlan hits new heights as Twin Peaks´ quirky Cooper, TV GUIDE, 1990

Is Sherilyn Fenn as manipulative as Audrey Horne?, Details 1990

Take your Peak, Daily Mirror 1990

A solution to those twin piques?, The (Montreal) Gazette, 1990

Twin Peaks: the suspense continues, The Gazette, Montreal, Sunday, 1990

You only peak twice!, 1990 UK newspaper, Russ Tamblyn interview

Duke Plays Dick, Soap Opera Weekly, 1990, Ian Buchanan interview

Centrefold shocker for the sexy star shaping up to stun Britain, Sunday Mirror 1990

Heftly log, doughnuts and 10,000 letters saved Twin Peaks - for now, Montreal Gazette 1990

Twin Peaks speaks - again, Soap Opera Weekly 2000 (Twin Peaks anniversary)

Twin Peaks, Video Business 1989, an early review

'Babes in the Woods - The Women of Twin Peaks'; Rolling Stone 1990

"Weird at Heart" (Kyle MacLachlan interview), Rolling Stone 1990

'Darkness on the edge of town' (Twin Peaks), GQ 1990

David Lynch interview, People Magazine 1990

Twin Peaks, A Sap Opera, Details 1990

'Shades of Change' (Twin Peaks), US 1990

Wild at Heart, Premiere, September 1990

The Face Dec. 1990 (Sherilyn Fenn / Twin Peaks)

Playboy Dec. 1990 (Sherilyn Fenn / Twin Peaks)

'The silent man from mars', Zeitmagazin, Aug. 24th 1990 (my translation)

'Psycho-Killer', Musikexpreß Sounds, August 1990, (my translation)

The New York Times Magazine, 14.1.1990

Laura Dern interview, Interview Magazine September 1990

"lynch-time",  VOGUE, Feb. 1990

Parkett No. 28; 1990  (Why) Is David Lynch Important Many thanks to Dominic Kulcsar for providing the article

People - On Location; March 19th 1990

Reaching the "Twin Peaks" of weirdness, USA Today, November 12, 1990

'Movies are like ducks', Interview, Cinema 9 / 1990 (my translation)

'MR LYNCH?", brief Lynch in Cannes interview, Empire 1990

The special effects of Dune, Kino 9 / 1990 (my translation)

Lynch-interview, Kino 10 / 1990 (my translation)

Lynch-interview, Kieler Nachrichten 1990 (my translation)

'David Lynch', Splash, April 1989

Montage Sep 1989 Interview

Los Angeles Times Calendar Aug 20th 1989

Isabella Rossellini interview, Film Review March 1987

The Weird Dreams of David Lynch, Vanity Fair March 1987

"The Heart of The Cavern", Sight and Sound Spring 1987

The Face 2/87, David Lynch, Isabella Rossellini

Is there Life after Dune?, Cinefantastique 1986

"Deciphering Blue Velvet", David Lynch interview, Fangoria 1986

Grace Zabriskie LA Times 1990

Film-Illustrierte 2 / 1985 (my translation)

David Lynch Interview, Tip Filmjahrbuch 1985 (my translation)

The movie that cost the earth, TimeOut 1984

Daring Dune. Rolling Stone No.436 December 6th 1984

'The Master Builders of Dune', Prevue  (July / August 1984)

Dreamscapes, American Film 1984

Visionary and dreamer: A surrealist`s fantasies, Cinema 12 / 1984 (my translation)

Shooting diary of 'Dune', cinema 12 / 1984  (my translation)

Lynch interview, New Musical Express, 1982

'David Lynch - Visionary from Fringeland', Rolling Stone 1980

Lynch interview, Search & Destroy No.9, 1978


# German  

'Mann ohne Message', tv today 2007, Lynch interview

David Lynch, Quest, March 2007, article on his art

'Herr der Finsternis', arte Magazin 2/2007, Lynch article

'Film wird bald Geschichte sein', tip Berlin 2007, David Lynch interview

Lord of Angst, Lynch interview, Der Freund, 2006

'Der Name der Neurose', wom Journal, November 2002

David Lynch interview, Maxim Januar 2002

David Lynch interview, Weltwoche 11/ 2002

David Lynch interview, Filmbulletin, Kino in Augenhöhe, Nr. 5 / 2001

Lynch interview, GQ (Gentleman´s Quarterly), Januar 2002

Watts / Harring interview, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 3. Januar 2002

Lynch interview, Der Stern, Nr.2 / 2002

Lynch interview, Lübecker Nachrichten, 3. Januar 2002

Lynch interview, Die Welt 3. Januar 2002

David Lynch interview Prinz 2002

Lynch article, Cinema Nr. 1 / 2002

David Lynch interview, TV Spielfilm 2001

Tip Zuerich, interview 1999

Neue Zürcher Zeitung 2000, interview

Sonntagszeitung, Richard Farnsworth 1999

Lynch-interview / Saarbrücker Zeitung 3.12.1999

film-dienst; 23.11. 1999: "Entdeckungsreisen" (David Lynch portrait)

David Lynch: "Ich habe einen Traum"; Die Zeit Dec. 9th 1999

Berliner Zeitung, Lynch-interview 1999

Cinemaxx Magazine December interview 1999

Kieler Nachrichten; Dec. 2nd interview 1999

Neues Deutschland, Dec. 2nd 1999 : Richard Farnsworth portrait

FOCUS, 29.11. 1999

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29.11. 1999

Der Spiegel, Nov 22nd. 1999

Kai Jürgens: David Lynch und die Industriekultur, Auf Abwegen 27 / 1999

Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch, Sonic Seducer 2/99

Psycho-Paten, Rolling Stone, March 1997

hats off Jack Nance (German) subraum #9 article including mp3

On the demise of Jack Nance; epd Film 1997

Zillo March 1997, article on the Lost Highway Soundtrack

Moviestar May 1997, Lost Highway review, Robert Loggia Interview

Interview Der Spiegel 1997

Interview with 'taz', 1997

Interview with Die Woche April 1997

Patricia Aquette-interview, Focus 15/97

Patricia Arquette in Cinema 4 / 97

Was macht eigentlich David Lynch?'; SZ Magazin 1995

'Images'-review, taz Feb. `95

Symphonien des Ekels, X-TRO, Nr.2 (Juni / Juli 1993)

"David Lynch - Twin Peaks in Flammen", Skip 1992

David Lynch on Twin Peaks: FWWM cinema 8 / 92

Twin Peaks - special, Max September 1991

'Neues von David Lynch', Film und Fernsehen 1991

David Lynch interview / article, Playgirl 1990 (German edition)

'Gefahr lauert hinter jeder Ecke', Wiener, Oktober 1990

'Porträt Isabella Rossellini - Die eigenwillige Schöne', Harpers Bazaar, Oktober 1990

Musikexpreß / Sounds, August 1990

Tempo, September 1990

"Das Konzept des Zeichners", film-dienst 1990

Lynch-Special "Der Stille Mann Vom Mars"; Die Zeit 1990

Lynch-Interview, Süddeutsche Zeitung 1990; "Kafka macht mir gute Laune"

'Bilder der Erfüllung'; Neue Rundschau 4 / 1990

Lynch Interview, Kieler Nachrichten 1990

Lynch interview, Kino 10 / 90

cinema 9/90, Lynch interview  

cinema 9/90 Laura Dern article

cinema 9/90 violence in Wild at Heart / RoboCop 2

Das Flittchen und der Meister, Tempo 1987

David Lynch interview, film illustrierte 2 / 1987

'Das Kino des David Lynch'; epd Film 2/1987

Isabella Rossellini Interview, Die Zeit 1987

Isabella Rossellini article, Rheinischer Merkur 1987

Sand im Getriebe der Regie, Lynch interview Filmfaust 1985

Film-Illustrierte 2 / 1985

tip Filmjahrbuch Nr.1 (1985)

Der Wüstenplanet - Dune, Film-Illustrierte, 1 / 1985

Cinema 12 / 1984: Frank Herbert interview

Cinema 12 / 1984: David Lynch Interview

Cinema 12 / 1984: Logbuch vom Wüstenplaneten

Cinema 12 / 1984: Dune, behind the scenes



# French  

Lynch by Lynch, Les Inrockutibles, Hors-Série David Lynch (2002) 

Blue Bob - Le Flambeur, Les Inrockutibles, Hors-Série David Lynch (2002)

Blue Bob - "Il connait la musique", Les Inrockutibles, Hors-Série David Lynch (2002)

Blue Bob, D-Side Novembre / Decembre 2002 

Première December 2001 David Lynch interview

Première December 2001 Naomi Watts interview

Première, December 2001 Laura Elena Harring interview

Cahiers du Cinéma, Novembre 2001 David Lynch article

'Le Féminin Mystère de David Lynch', Vogue Paris Dec. 2001

Cahiers du Cinéma, November 1999 interview

Cahiers du CInéma, November 1999, Mary Sweeney: Les métamorphoses d`Alvin

Cahiers du Cinéma, November 1999, Angelo Badalamenti interview

Cahiers du Cinéma, November 1999, La sérénité du cascadeur Richard Farnsworth

Cahiers du Cinéma, November 1999: 'La vie en Rose' / Sissy Spacek

Cahiers du Cinéma, November 1999: Capter la Couleur / Freddie Francis

Positif November `99 David Lynch-interview

Première (F), November 1999 David Lynch-interview

Première, November 1999, Richard Farnsworth

L`Humanité,  November 1999

Le Monde November 3rd 1999

Cahiers du Cinéma, January 1997

Télé K7 N°698 - 20 Janvier 1997

Mad Movies N° 105 1997

L`Humanité 18 Janvier 97 

E R A S E R H E A D. Créer des sons. Entretien avec David Lynch. Cahiers du Cinéma Juillet / Aout 1994

David Lynch: le feu sacré, Cinéphage 1992 interview

'L´Oeil du Témoin', David Lynch par Kyle MacLachlan, Studio, May 1992


'Le Magicien Osé', Première Nov. 1990 (David Lynch, Wild at Heart)

Isabella Rossellini - L`amour du risque, Première November 1990

Laura Dern, Première November 1990

Nicolas Cage, Première November 1990

La Palme aux indépendants, Propaganda, Première November 1990

Starfix 1990: Qui est David Lynch?

Starfix September 1990: David Lynch`s paintings  

L`Oeil de David Lynch, Starfix September 1990

Twin Peaks: Révolutionnaire, Première November 1990

David Lynch interview, L´écran fantastique, No. 53, Février 1985

Raffaella De Laurentiis interview, L´écran fantastique, No. 53, Février 1985


# Swedish  

Göteborgs - Posten 7 Augusti 2002

Svenska Dagbladet, May 18th 2001

"Lynch driver - Twin Peaks är mitt eget fantasiliv", iDAG, Söndag 7 Juni 1992

Förförisk nymf och pappas flicka. iDag, 1991-01-20

"Ingen bryr sig om vem som mördade Laura Palmer", iDag, 1991-01-13

Mystiske Lynch fiskar vidare, Expressen, Fredag 3 juli 1992

Kyle MacLachlan - agent 'Coop' i kvadrat. AFTONBLADET, 2 januari 1992

Twin Peaks blev lik i lasten för 'Laura'. AFTONBLADET, 2 januari 1992

"Stygg Flicka" (Sherilyn Fenn article), Café, 2 / 1991

"Medvind för Julee efter "Twin Peaks", iDAG, Fredag, 14 December 1990

"Nu ser han ut som Cooper igen", Kyle MacLachlan interview, Göteborgs Posten, April 4th 1991

"Inspirationskällorna många till Twin Peaks", Göteborgs Posten, 1991-04-15


# Japanese
  David Lynch, The Face, Japanese edition, 1991
More to come...