Maedchen Amick in Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks Bravo diaries (episode guide Agent Cooper-style, large file / 9mb)

Welcome to Twin Peaks, The Face 1990, David Lynch interview

Cruise´s Peak, NME 1990, Julee Cruise interview

Are you ready for Twin Peaks, Radio Times 1990

Setting Lynch´s Muse to Music, Los Angeles Times 1990 Badalamenti Interview

Peeking at Peaks, Los Angeles Times 1990 on the Twin Peaks Gazette

The sheriff of television´s naughty hamlet, TV GUIDE, 1990, Michael Ontkean interview

Mood Awakening, TimeOut 1990 (Badalamenti and Julee Cruise interviewed)

Crazy Mama, Soap Opera Weekly 1990, Grace Zabriskie interview

Kyle MacLachlan hits new heights as Twin Peaks´ quirky Cooper, TV GUIDE, 1990

Is Sherilyn Fenn as manipulative as Audrey Horne?, Details 1990

Take your Peak, Daily Mirror 1990

A solution to those twin piques?, The (Montreal) Gazette, 1990

Twin Peaks: the suspense continues, The Gazette, Montreal, Sunday, 1990

You only peak twice!, 1990 UK newspaper, Russ Tamblyn interview

Duke Plays Dick, Soap Opera Weekly, 1990, Ian Buchanan interview

Centrefold shocker for the sexy star shaping up to stun Britain, Sunday Mirror 1990

Heftly log, doughnuts and 10,000 letters saved Twin Peaks - for now, Montreal Gazette 1990

Twin Peaks speaks - again, Soap Opera Weekly 2000 (Twin Peaks anniversary)

Twin Peaks, Video Business 1989, an early review

'Babes in the Woods - The Women of Twin Peaks'; Rolling Stone 1990

"Weird at Heart" (Kyle MacLachlan interview), Rolling Stone 1990

'The Thoughts of Agent Cooper" (MacLachlan interview), Empire 1991

'Like nothing on earth' (Twin Peaks), TIME, April 9 1990

'Hester Riches, Twin Peaks´ best friend', Vancouver, March 1991

'A big push for 'Peaks'. Back by fanatics´ demand.' USA Today, 1991

'Darkness on the edge of town' (Twin Peaks), GQ 1990

David Lynch interview, People Magazine 1990

Twin Peaks, A Sap Opera, Details 1990

'Shades of Change' (Twin Peaks), US 1990

Reaching the "Twin Peaks" of weirdness, USA Today, November 12, 1990

Playboy Dec. 1990 (Sherilyn Fenn / Twin Peaks)

The Face Dec. 1990 (Sherilyn Fenn / Twin Peaks)

'fenn fatale', Sherilyn Fenn, Sky Magazine July 1992

Kyle MacLachlan interview, GQ, August 1992

James Marshall, Sky Magazine July 1992

The Cinescapee: Catherine Coulson, Cinescape March 1996  

Spectator (10/27/1990)

TIME MAGAZINE May 21, 1990

Melody Maker Oct 1990

Melody Maker Oct 1990 on Julee Cruise

Max, September 1991

L`Oeil de David Lynch, Starfix September 1990

Twin Peaks: Révolutionnaire, Première November 1990

Die Zeit, September 1991

Musik Express Sounds 1990

Tagesspiegel 1990

Spex 2 /1991

Twin Peaks, Film und Fernsehen 1992

Spex September 1991

Der Spiegel 37 /1991  

Twin Peaks, Der Spiegel 15/ 1990

Twin Peaks, Der Spiegel 3/ 1991

Leland Palmer:

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